Journal Formatting

Amino Testimonials - Journal FormattingEvery journal is unique, and each one has different requirements for submissions. Researchers can spend hours formatting and reformatting manuscripts for certain target journals, losing precious time in the laboratory.

Let our well-published editors who have formatted numerous articles of their own and for their colleagues handle these details for you so you can get back to more important tasks.

Our Journal Formatting Service includes:

  • Layout adjustments to conform the title page and manuscript sections to the journal’s style
  • Proper ordering of manuscript sections
  • Confirmation that all required sections are present, including Acknowledgements
  • Typographical corrections for the title page, section headings, sub-headings, fonts (styles and sizes), tables, and figure legends
  • Modification of abbreviations and units of measure to conform to the journal’s style
  • Confirmation that all sections meet journal-specific word and character limits – minor word count reductions will take place if necessary
  • Confirmation that the manuscript meets the journal’s figure and table limits
  • Check for the correct presentation of References according to the journal’s preferences*

*Note: We do not edit or correct Reference sections to avoid disrupting and interfering with the existing reference formatting in a document. If the References are incorrect, we will notify the authors that a change is necessary.

To request this service, simply choose “Journal Formatting” from the dropdown menu on your order form (found here) and indicate your target journal in the message section.

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