Editing/English Correction

Our goal is to help talented scientists compose compelling and easily understandable scientific documents that appropriately convey the impact of their research findings.

Documents can be cumbersome and difficult to understand if:

  1. The logical flow between thoughts is jumbled
  2. The author’s command of the English language is weak

Both of these issues compromise storytelling, making it difficult for the reader to correctly interpret the author’s work, and many journals and granting agencies will reject submissions that are difficult to read despite the scientific merit of a paper.

The Amino Group was established to eliminate these problems and improve the author’s chances of acceptance because brilliant science deserves to funded and published regardless of the author’s writing abilities.

Our editors are not only native English speakers and strict grammarians, they are also subject matter experts and skilled researchers at top institutions. Thus, our team has the unique set of tools necessary to address your science writing and editing needs.

Let our dedicated team of editors help you master the English language and enhance the logical flow of your thoughts to clarify your documents and help you achieve your publishing and funding goals.

Types of documents accepted:

  • primary research manuscripts
  • cover letters
  • rebuttals/responses to reviewers
  • review articles
  • Letters to the Editor/editorial pieces
  • commentary pieces
  • “News & Views”-style articles
  • grants and fellowship applications for both government agencies and private foundations
  • letters of intent/interest
  • masters and doctoral students’ theses and dissertations
  • recommendation letters
  • academic job applications
  • tenure applications
  • research statements
  • personal statements
  • teaching statements
  • CVs and resumes
  • other science-based documents

*Note: We do not edit or format References*

To have our science writing and editing experts perfect your document, submit your project using the order form found here.

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