The Amino Group offers a number of editing and writing services to help researchers achieve their goals (listed below).

Moreover, in addition to the standard services offered below, we can create a customized agenda for any special projects you might have. Simply let us know your specific needs!

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Editing & English Correction

Our goal is to help talented scientists compose compelling and easily understandable scientific documents that appropriately convey the impact of their research findings.

Documents can be cumbersome and difficult to understand if:

  1. The logical flow between thoughts is jumbled
  2. The author’s command of the English language is weak

Both of these issues compromise storytelling, making it difficult for the reader to correctly interpret the author’s work, and many journals and granting agencies will reject submissions that are difficult to read despite the scientific merit of a paper.

The Amino Group was established to eliminate these problems and improve the author’s chances of acceptance because brilliant science deserves to funded and published regardless of the author’s writing abilities.

Our editors are not only native English speakers and strict grammarians, they are also subject matter experts and skilled researchers at top institutions. Thus, our team has the unique set of tools necessary to address your science writing and editing needs.

Let our dedicated team of editors help you master the English language and enhance the logical flow of your thoughts to clarify your documents and help you achieve your publishing and funding goals.

Types of documents accepted:

  • primary research manuscripts
  • cover letters
  • rebuttals/responses to reviewers
  • review articles
  • Letters to the Editor/editorial pieces
  • commentary pieces
  • “News & Views”-style articles
  • grants and fellowship applications for both government agencies and private foundations
  • letters of intent/interest
  • masters and doctoral students’ theses and dissertations
  • recommendation letters
  • academic job applications
  • tenure applications
  • research statements
  • personal statements
  • teaching statements
  • CVs and resumes
  • other science-based documents

*Note: We do not edit or format References*

To have our science writing and editing experts perfect your document, submit your project using the order form found here.

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Word Count Reduction

As part of our standard editing service, our editors always strive to eliminate excess words and rewrite lengthy phrases and sentences into more concise formats. However, occasionally significant word count reductions are needed ( >100 words).

Some journals, especially top-tier journals, will reject your submission outright without even considering the science if the manuscript exceeds the word or character limit imposed by the journal. The same is true of many granting agencies.

With years of experience, our writing experts can efficiently consolidate your message without losing impact. Let us help you achieve your publishing and funding goals by highlighting your key points concisely and powerfully.

To request significant word count reductions, please indicate your specific needs in the message section of your order form found here.

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Journal Formatting

Amino Testimonials - Journal FormattingEvery journal is unique, and each one has different requirements for submissions. Researchers can spend hours formatting and reformatting manuscripts for certain target journals, losing precious time in the laboratory.

Let our well-published editors who have formatted numerous articles of their own and for their colleagues handle these details for you so you can get back to more important tasks.

Our Journal Formatting Service includes:

  • Layout adjustments to conform the title page and manuscript sections to the journal’s style
  • Proper ordering of manuscript sections
  • Confirmation that all required sections are present, including Acknowledgements
  • Typographical corrections for the title page, section headings, sub-headings, fonts (styles and sizes), tables, and figure legends
  • Modification of abbreviations and units of measure to conform to the journal’s style
  • Confirmation that all sections meet journal-specific word and character limits – minor word count reductions will take place if necessary
  • Confirmation that the manuscript meets the journal’s figure and table limits
  • Check for the correct presentation of References according to the journal’s preferences*

*Note: We do not edit or correct Reference sections to avoid disrupting and interfering with the existing reference formatting in a document. If the References are incorrect, we will notify the authors that a change is necessary.

To request this service, simply choose “Journal Formatting” from the dropdown menu on your order form (found here) and indicate your target journal in the message section.

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Cover Letter Composition

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

The cover letter is your first – and potentially ONLY – opportunity to convince the journal editor that your work should be published. For many journals, editors make their initial decisions to either review or reject your submission immediately after reading your cover letter. Thus, a well-written letter can greatly improve your chances of acceptance.

Don’t assume that your manuscript will speak for itself. Let our science writing experts compose a professional, compelling cover letter customized for your manuscript that clearly highlights the major findings of your study and emphasizes the importance of your work in a broader context.

Letters can be tailored to meet specific journal requirements. Alternatively, they can be composed using a general format that is accepted by most journals. Regardless, our notoriously successful cover letter template and verbiage will be used in each case.

To receive a customized cover letter, please select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu on your order form found here.

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Our Process

We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain customer satisfaction by not only providing excellent, superior editing and writing services, but also by engaging in effective communication with our clients throughout the entire editing process to ensure that they and their projects receive the care and attention they deserve.

Editing process overview:

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 1:

When you are ready to submit your document, please use the order form found here, and email your document to

All documents should be submitted using Microsoft Word 2007 or newer – only .doc and .docx files are accepted.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 2:

Upon receipt of your document(s), we will promptly review your order’s specific requests and assign a managing editor to your project who will oversee the care of your document(s) during the entire editing process.

Your managing editor will contact you within 24 hrs to begin a dialogue about your project. Additionally, the managing editor serves as your point of contact to whom you can address questions and concerns about your project during the editing process.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 3:

Since every document varies in style, composition, and English proficiency, we will assess the first two full pages of written text in your document to determine the final estimated cost for your project. This assessment takes into account the time needed to address your document’s specific needs and any additional services requested, such as journal formatting, word count reduction, and cover letter composition.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 4:

Before proceeding, we will contact you with the proposed budget for your project and give you a chance to review the terms of our proposal. If you accept those terms, we will promptly begin working to improve and correct the remainder of your document.

Many of our returning and regular clients trust our work and forego this courtesy, allowing us to begin working as soon as we receive their documents, which reduces our turnaround time. If you would like the same treatment for your documents, please indicate as such in the message section of your order form found here.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 5:

During the editing process, we will clearly highlight all changes made in your document(s) using the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word. This will allow you to see all the changes and suggestions we make and give you the option to accept or reject each individual edit once you receive your finished documents.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 6:

Upon completion of your project, a Senior Editor will review your documents, ensuring that your project has received the highest level of editing and care. Once a Senior Editor has signed off on your project, your managing editor will return your documents to you.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 7:

When we return your project, you will receive two files for every document submitted to us:

  1. a fully marked-up edited document with all of our changes and suggestions highlighted and tracked, which allows you to accept or reject specific edits, and
  2. a finalized document in which all of our changes and suggestions have been accepted, allowing you to review your improved document without the interference of editing marks.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 8:

We guarantee that our services will dramatically improve your documents, and we guarantee that your final submissions to journals or granting agencies will not be rejected based on the language alone if our recommendations and suggestions are accepted. Thus, we are confident that you will be pleased with our work, but if you are not completely satisfied with your final products, let us know and we will continue to work with you and your documents to ensure that we fully meet your expectations.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 9:

Once you are satisfied with your finished project, you will receive an email invoice from our PayPal account that you can use to settle your bill.

This email message will contain a simple and easy-to-use “Pay Now” button. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, performs instant bank wire transfers, and facilitates eChecks (delayed bank transfers). Additionally, PayPal Balances, PayPal Cards, and PayPal Credits can also be used.

If you do not have a PayPal account or do not wish to create one, you can still pay your PayPal invoice using a credit card or a debit card without ever needing to create a personal PayPal account. For more information about paying invoices with PayPal, please click here.

Amino Group LLC Molecule Logo Step 10:

Proudly submit your document with confidence to your target journal or agency!

And feel free to offer us any feedback you might have. We are always striving to improve our services and operational pipeline to better meet the needs of our clients. We welcome any feedback or general comments you might have!


Ready to start your project? Click here. We’re eager to help you achieve success!

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