Standard Editing

Amino Testimonials - Great ValueThe Amino Group does not establish different levels of editing. All projects receive the same high-level standard of editing and attention to detail. This includes:

  • English grammar correction
  • Spelling and punctuation correction
  • Sentence structure correction
  • Syntax and diction improvement
  • Adjustment of unconventional phrasing
  • Modification of misused words and terminology
  • Check for consistent use of abbreviations
  • Elimination of unnecessary words
  • Condensation of verbose explanations
  • Improvement in clarity and prose
  • Basic reorganization to improve logical flow
  • Review and revision of overall presentation
  • Recommendations for larger reorganization and presentations of data if necessary
  • Recommendations to clarify scientific terms and concepts if needed
  • Recommendations to improve the clarity of figures
  • Final review by a Senior Editor
  • Receipt of edited documents in 5-7 days

Standard Editing Rate = $85.00 USD/hr

*Note: We do not edit or format References.*

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