The Amino Group operates on an hourly pay scale for editing and formatting services, whereas writing services, such as cover letter composition, incur additional flat fees.

As such, every quote is customized for your particular project based on the style, composition, and English proficiency of the document and any additional services that are requested, such as journal formatting, significant word count reduction, and cover letter composition.

Once each party agrees to the terms in our proposal/quote, we promptly begin improving your document(s). Should we encounter challenges that prevent us from completing your order within the agreed upon terms, we will contact you before continuing. However, we greatly respect our clients’ budgets and have yet to go over budget on any project.

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Standard Editing

Amino Testimonials - Great ValueThe Amino Group does not establish different levels of editing. All projects receive the same high-level standard of editing and attention to detail. This includes:

  • English grammar correction
  • Spelling and punctuation correction
  • Sentence structure correction
  • Syntax and diction improvement
  • Adjustment of unconventional phrasing
  • Modification of misused words and terminology
  • Check for consistent use of abbreviations
  • Elimination of unnecessary words
  • Condensation of verbose explanations
  • Improvement in clarity and prose
  • Basic reorganization to improve logical flow
  • Review and revision of overall presentation
  • Recommendations for larger reorganization and presentations of data if necessary
  • Recommendations to clarify scientific terms and concepts if needed
  • Recommendations to improve the clarity of figures
  • Final review by a Senior Editor
  • Receipt of edited documents in 5-7 days

Standard Editing Rate = $85.00 USD/hr

*Note: We do not edit or format References.*

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Other Services

In addition to standard editing, we offer a number of other services that many scientists find helpful for saving time and improving their submissions and applications. Below is a list of our other services that can be added to any standard editing order.


Rush Service (2-3 days) = 20% fee*

Amino Testimonials - Polished GrantOur standard rate provides our clients with a dramatically improved, polished document within 5-7 days. If you need your documents returned sooner, we accept rush orders for documents/projects containing <10,000 words. Rush orders are returned in 2-3 days. For this service, a fee equivalent to 20% of the total cost of the project if it were submitted as a standard order is required.

*Documents >10,000 words are not eligible for rush service without prior arrangements.


Journal Formatting = hourly rate, additional time as needed

There is no additional set fee for journal formatting. The charges incurred are based on the additional time it takes to finish preparing your document for a specific target journal. Typically, journal formatting requires no more than one additional hour of time and effort for our editors.


Word Count Reduction = hourly rate, additional time as needed

There are no additional set fees for basic or significant word count reductions. The charges incurred are based on the additional time it takes to complete your project.

Standard editing includes the elimination of excess words and a basic word count reduction (removal of <100 words/document).

Significant word count reductions (>100 words/document or minimizing page counts) often require much more time and effort to restructure and reword documents such that they convey the intended message in a concise manner. Additionally, each document’s needs are different. As such, the additional time/cost needed for significant reductions are determined on an individual case basis.


Cover Letter Composition = $100 USD flat fee

Regardless of the subject matter or the time it takes to prepare the document, we can create a compelling cover letter customized for your manuscript using our notoriously successful template for a minimal fee of $100 USD.

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Although our standard rate of $85.00/hr is already 15% less than our competitors, we value our clients and offer a number of discounts to make the editing process even more affordable. See if you apply for a discount below!*


Academic discount = 20% off

We understand that funding for academic research is limited; thus, we offer our services at a discounted rate of $68/hr for scientists at academic institutions who wish to use our editing services and better their chances of acceptance with their target journal or granting agency.


First Time Customer = $50 off

We value the opportunity to impress you with our services. To thank new clients for trusting us with your prized research, we offer $50 off your first order with us (order must exceed $125 to qualify).


Returning Customer Discount Program = 25% off every 5th order

We value your loyalty to the Amino Group, and to thank you for making us your preferred editing service provider, we offer 25% off on your 5th order and every 5th order thereafter that you place with us.


Referral Discount = 10% off

The greatest compliment we can receive is your recommendation of our services to a friend or colleague. To thank you for your recommendation, we offer a 10% discount on your next document if someone you referred to us uses our services (discount is applied to the first round of editing only).


Revision Relief = 20% off

We offer a 20% discount on documents previously edited by the Amino Group that have been revised since their initial round of editing.


In addition to the discounts mentioned above, subscribe to our Announcements page to receive periodic updates and seasonal discounts. You can subscribe to the Announcements page by clicking on the “Follow the Amino Group” button located to the right and entering your email address.

*Only two discounts may be combined per order.

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Payment Options

For your personal and financial protection, we use PayPal as a third party service to handle all transactions.*

Following the completion of your project, you will receive an email invoice from PayPal that contains a simple and easy-to-use “Pay Now” button. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, performs instant bank wire transfers, and facilitates eChecks (delayed bank transfers). Additionally, PayPal Balances, PayPal Cards, and PayPal Credits can also be used.

If you do not have a PayPal account or do not wish to create one, you can still pay your PayPal invoice using a credit card or a debit card without ever needing to create a personal PayPal account. For more information about paying invoices with PayPal, please click here.

All payments are due within 30 days of rendered services.

A $75.00 USD late fee will be added to unpaid invoices still outstanding 30 days past project completion.

Amino Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse services to clients who have outstanding, unpaid invoices for previous projects.

*Alternative forms of payment are only offered in rare cases and must be pre-approved and arranged prior to receiving any services.


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