The Amino Group started as a one scientist at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University who recognized that her highly intelligent research colleagues were struggling to get their work published due to language barriers. As a native English speaker and a strict grammarian, she offered to help her colleagues polish their manuscripts by correcting the English and enhancing the logical flow and impact of their writing. These edits made the text more clear and easier for the reviewers and journal editors to read, thereby improving her colleagues’ rates of acceptance.

When she moved her work to Yale University School of Medicine, she began expanding her services to help native English speakers improve their grants and make them more attractive in our increasingly more competitive funding climate. She helped her colleagues secure R01s, F31s, F32s, and other NIH-sponsored grants as well as many other grants and fellowships from private foundations.

After the word spread that she was the common denominator amongst all the scientists experiencing a dramatic increase in their publishing and funding success, more requests came pouring in. She then enlisted the help of her equally talented colleagues at Cornell, Yale, and MIT to help her tackle the workload… and the Amino Group was born.

Now, we are here as an established entity dedicated to helping you achieve academic success.


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